"Do They Deserve"? "Did they deserve"?

Did they (Bush, Cheney and others) deserve the opportunity to do more of the same?

Consider what they are and were "refusing to do and/or acknowledge":

Did Bush and Cheney deserve the 2004 Republican nomination for the Highest Offices in the land: President and Vice-President?

How can any Americans trust the Republican Party, the majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, to represent them when:

  1. they have never demanded an investigation of the 50,000 Voters purged in Florida before Election 2000 and they are Not demanding Voter verification for any Electronic Voting Machines;

  2. they refuse to demand the truth about September 11 and actively oppose any efforts to determine the truth;

  3. they have passed the USA anti-US citizens civil rights Act, incorrectly named the USA Patriot Act (USAPA) : a Terrorist attack on the Civil rights of Americans;

  4. they are not demanding the Bush Administration be held accountable for lies to the US Congress and the American People to justify an illegal war in IRAQ;

  5. they are creating financially disastrous deficits;

  6. they have No regard for our environment and are devastating it;

  7. they think depriving American Workers of some or all of their current over-time pay is a good idea;

  8. they think exporting American Job overseas is "good for the economy' in the short term, (it isn't!);

  9. they refuse to demand an investigation of a most serious offense: the outing of a CIA Agent, Valerie Plame;

  10. they refuse Democrats in the U.S. Congress the right to participate in the day-to-day legislative process - excluding the voices of millions of Americans.

Bush and Cheney Did Not Deserve another chance to be nominated in 2004 for President and Vice-President!

Republicans do not deserve the trust of the American People as Bush and Cheney were the Republican Nominees for the 2004 Presidential Election!

Republicans do not deserve the trust of the American People as Bush and Cheney were the perpetrators of an Election 2004 tragedy via illegal electronic vote changing and voter theft with electronic voting machines!

Republicans do not deserve the trust of the American People if they do not take responsibility for the take-over of their party by the "Republican Terrorists" and Do Something About IT!!

FROM "Stop Bush Now", Chapter Four, updated


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