George and Dick: Are they Republicans?

NO! They are "Republican terrorists!"

These are Not "Normal" Times.

Americans have been subjected to an "Attack" many of us are not aware of.

An "Attack" launched by people who

  1. consider this country Not the United States of America but the United States, Incorporated, a Private company, no less;
  2. they have no obligations to the "employees" other than to
    a. pretend that they care, which they do not,
    b. pretend they will "play by the "rules" which they will not do and have shown they will not do,
    c. pretend they will pass laws that will benefit their employees and not just themselves. To date, they have not been able to do this, either.

The People who are responsible for this "Attack", an "Attack" which is a "Theft of Identity", call themselves "Republicans".

They are not.

They are hiding behind the label "Republicans".

They are "Republican Terrorists".

They plotted and planned for over three years and Purged 50,000 Florida Voters from the Florida Voting Rolls before Election 2000.

They went to the United States Supreme Court and induced them to betray their oaths of office and prevent the State of Florida from completely counting all the votes cast after Election 2000. Would any citizen in this country Ever have imagined a group of people Not wanting ALL the Votes counted?

They failed to prevent the devastating "Attack" of September 11, 2001. They have failed to provide information to the American people and People all over the world as to how the $30 Billion US Defense budget could fail to stop four planes from attacking this country and killing over 3000 citizens from here and from around the world.

They are not explaining why they expend so much energy preventing the investigation of September 11 Americans deserve.

Based upon the still un-explained "Attack" of Sept. 11, an "Overt" Attack on the United States, they have launched a "Covert" Attack upon the rights and liberties of the citizens of the United States:

The USA Patriot Act (USAPA) is incorrectly named: it is the USA anti-US citizens civil rights Act.

USAPA is a "Covert Terrorist Attack" by the Bush Administration and the Republican Terrorists against the Civil rights of the citizens of the United States!

Also, Based upon the still un-explained "Attack" of Sept. 11, they engaged and are engaging in a "war" in Afghanistan. A "war" whose sole accomplishment to date, in addition to the deaths of American Soldiers and Afghanistan citizens, is the plan for UNOCOL to put an OIL Pipeline there. And, any results from efforts against the Taliban have been almost completed erased since as soon as the pipeline deal was done, they lost interest.

They condone lying and misleading to The United States Congress, The Citizens of the United States, Countries All over the World, to mount an " Attack" upon IRAQ. This was an Attack against a country essentially defenseless with regards to the armaments and resources available to the attacker and a country not possessing any of the "justifications for the attack", Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

They conspired with "Republican Terrorist" corporations to develop electronic voting machines that changed "Kerry" votes to "Bush" votes and so effected the results in the Election tragedy of 2004.

FROM "Stop Bush Now" Chapter Two with updates


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